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Thread: Survey of tubeless puncture repair kit experience for a newby

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    Monkey Grip

    I like Monkey Grip plug kits. They are cheap. A small bottle of rubber cement is a guarantee against a dried out tube. Wrap it in tape for break and leak protection. My 04-era BMW tire repair kit insertion tool broke during first use. Monkey Grip tool very robust. I carry a small 12 volt cordless drill (without the battery) with an SAE connector and a 3.5 mm drill bit to ream out the hole. The addition of small bits and lock wire come in handy when drilling holes to lace your fairing back together when you high side on earthworms.

    Three carefully administered CO2 tubes will fill a front tire. Not sure how many needed for a rear tire. Does anyone know if a Helite airbag vest CO2 tube can be adapted to inflate tires?

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    Nick Kennedy
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    Once again
    Don't rely on CO2 cartridges to get you back on the road.
    If you plug your tire and find out the plug needs another string or what ever your using, and you run out of cartridges your gonna be bummed.
    Get a electric airpump.
    Sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to get the tire to hold air.
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    I bring three different types of plug kits with me and a 12v air pump. Neally, Dynaplug and Stop-n-Go. What I use depends on the (size) hole and where it is located.
    The Dunlops I currently have are too much of a PITA to get off the rim so a patch kit is out for me at least.
    The mushroom plugs have worked well for me and I like them, but it depends on the tire too. I think they are more suited for a bias ply rather then a radial tire because of their construction.
    A friends tire I plugged up lasted it's entire life span. It does require a more precise application IMHO.
    The stringy type are a more foolproof way of plugging a tire but not always infallible either.. YMMV
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    Rubber mushroom plug saved my a$$ a few weeks ago. Held air just fine for a few days before I got to a bike shop where the tire was removed and then patched from the inside. Used a smaller on-bike compressor to fill the tire on the road.

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