A couple of weeks ago one of my riding partners John Jett [ great name right?!] on a FJR 1300 and I on a 2014 Kawasaki Concours 14 did a all in Colorado IB 1000.

Here's the details:

Left Telluride 3:30 am bound for Dolores on Hwy 145 S.
Had to keep the speed way down- lots of animals around and dark.
East to Durango and a quick breakfast at Dennys.
East up over Wolf Creek Pass, it was pretty cool out and had to stop and put on my heated jacket.
Down to Del Norte, found a roadside coffee stand with a gorgeous 20 yr old gal and hit the head and got a quick coffee.
East through Alamosa, La Veta pass to Walensburg and then north on I-25 to downtown Denver, lotta road construction on this section.
Stopped in Downtown Denver at noon 500 miles in and had a burrito and Starbucks coffee drink, hot @ 92f.
Left Denver on I-70 westbound for Berthoud Pass and Granby up to Steamboat Springs, this was a nice section, lots of traffic leaving Denver but it was moving at 75-80.
Up Into Steamboat and west on 40 to Hayden Craig out to Dinosaur. This section from Hayden to Dinosaur we went a bit wild and we were running at 90-130- no wind- good conditions, lots of cloud shade, no cops. We would find these long straights slightly down hill with good sight lines and go. At full throttle at speed the FJR and the Connie were about even.
Left turn at Dino for Rangely, Loma and Grand Junction.
Down Hwy 50 to Delta, Montrose where it started to get dusky dark and a bit rainy.
Right turn at Ridgway up over Dallas Divide to Placerville.
Back home in Telluride Co at 10 PM
Fun day- didn't feel too bad, stayed hydrated, didn't eat much, took some ibuphrophen and just had a bit of a sore neck.
The Connie ran great and is comfortable with a RDL seat, bar backs, grip puppies XL Cee Bailey windscreen. Shodabeen ECU flash.
The FJR and the Connie are nicely matched at speed. I've ridden that bike and its nice. Comfortable to ride.
Saw alot of Colorado, good day for it, light winds, lots of cloud shade, good partner!