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Thread: 1983 R80RT center stand very difficult to use

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    My '84 R80ST's stand definitely does not go nearly as far forward from the pivot point, holding it up much higher.

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    Your stand (photo) is stock, but is worn to the point that the bike is overcentering. In original configuration the front tire would have been 5-6 inches off the ground. This happened to my '84 RS after 20+ years and I was unable to fix it, so I got rid of the bike. (!!) It can probably be fixed with some welding.

    I'm of the opinion that the '81-'84 frame tabs were lots weaker than earlier models. In any event, you'll just bend them with a ride-off stand.

    At some point prior to the '81-'84 years owners manuals contained centerstand instructions ... BMW's expectation was that the bike was always taken off the centerstand with the rider standing alongside. (Hardly anybody does this of course, but also of course fitting a ride-off stand is the polar opposite.)

    BMW finally got over their weight fetish and began fitting stronger centerstands, approving rear top boxes, etc.
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    For some reason

    For some reason the picture I posted did not show up, must have forgotten to push the right button. Anyway, it is now there showing the stock stand as well as parts and springs.

    I really think the previous owner left out number 17 parts and used the improper springs. If things are not put together with the right parts in place, they won't always work. Sometime things can be cobbled to work and sometimes not. St.

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    Seems to me that the springs are only a part of the system to raise/hold the stand into the stowed position. I can't see how the springs are strong enough to keep the bike from rotating on the stand.
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    I agree

    I can't argue that the springs alone are the problem here. So far, it is the cheapest way to go for a fix, two brackets and two springs. Like I said, if things are not put together the way they are supposed to be, how can it be expected to work the way it supposed to.

    There is of course the possibility the Previous owner installed the wrong stand altogether. Sadly I don't remember BMW stamping part numbers on the stands and even Reynolds didn't consistently mark their stands either. If the new springs and brackets don't work, at least the glaring difference is taken care of. Unless someone can measure out a stock 83 center stand in detail or supply one to Jim so he can compare side by side, there is not much else to do.

    I am not a design engineer so I am afraid I can't say exactly why I feel the wrong springs and such would cause the problem. Perhaps the stronger stock springs keep the stand from over traveling?

    Jim has ordered parts and has the means to do the work, time will tell what the solution is or isn't. It is nice to see people replying and trying to help, one of the great things about this forum. St.

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    I have ordered the springs and the holders and will try them first when I get them. I will let everyone know what the result is.

    If this does not work I will try and put a piece of key stock between the stand pivot point and the angle bracket on the lug attempting to move the stand just past center. If this fixes the problem I will remove the center stand and have the ends built up by welding. This should do the trick.

    Thanks again to all.

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    BMW side stands and center stands generally do their job. Their kind of an afterthought. When new, they work. With the addition saddlebags, trunks, tank bags and all the other accoutrements the bike is now heavy. We ride to a stop, kick the side stand down, lay over kinda hard, itís now heavy. Get ourselves braced up , take our foot and shove the center stand down, put our boot down hard on the backend of the stand. We push down hard with the boot, grab the handlebars and yank back to pull the bike up on the center stand. Then we kick the side stand back up into itís resting position so we donít hang up and trip on it as we walk around the bike. At the same time weíre watching our companions do the same procedure. Mainly to see if theyíre as good at it as we are. Itís a kinda of unspoken race. Meanwhile all the local bikers already there watch this in utter amazement. Yaíll donít trust Ur side stands. Well actually itís the unspoken center stand...... aww forget about. ĎU BMW riders are totally crazy.í

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    Stock stand

    As mentioned, BMW never designed the stock stand to be applied with the rider on the bike. It was never a ride off stand, so a lot of guys trying to ride off, end up screwing it up. The proper way to use the center stand is to get off the bike and lift it with the handle using a foot on the supplied point of the stand. To get the bike off the stand, again NOT getting on the bike rock the bike off the stand then mount the bike. The same goes for using the side stand, it also was never intended to be used while on the bike.

    Before I got rid of my stock stand and went to a ride off stand, I never had a problem deploying the center stand. Where I had a problem was with the bike falling over while on the stock stand in soft pavement or grass. Likewise I never had a problem deploying the side stand either. The only problem was again with the bike sinking into pavement or falling over in the wind.

    The Renyolds ride off stand eliminated the use of the side stand and since I installed it 20 or more years ago, I have never had my bike fall over or dig. Because it is easy to use, I rarely use the side stand at all now. The ride off is far easier to hoist the bike up onto and off of. Only pain comes with changing a tire on the side of the road and that is very rare.

    A lot of center stands get damaged by people using them incorrectly. I myself would have never changed my stock stand if someone hadn't told me how much more stable a ride off stand is. Now that I have the ride off stand, I won't willingly go back to the stock system not because the stock system is so hard to use but because it is not as stable while parked. As for the stock side stand, I have never considered changing it because for me, it works just as it should when deployed as intended. While a Brown stand may be fine for guys who want to deploy the stand while on the bike, I don't think it is that much more stable when down. The biggest complaint I hear about the stock side stand is the quick retractability. Sorry, that has never been an issue with me, as I get off the bike and deploy the stand as it was designed. I don't give it a chance to retract back.

    So, I ruffled a few feathers here, I will agree BMW should have designed the stands to be easier to use but they didn't. Thankfully Reynolds years ago solved my problems. Too bad they are not still in business. St.

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    I added a piece of key stock .250 inch thick by welding on the stops of the center stand. This was closer to the center and was easy to take the bike off center, but still hard to raise the bike on the stand. I took about .025 off the key stock. Again was easy to come off but difficult to raise.The springs and holder arrived today. The fiche showed different sprongs so I ordered both sets. The long set is the same spring that is on the bike. The shorter spring with the holder is about 1.5 inches longer than the ones on the bike. This will not I will see if some one has a 1983 rt center stand or can give me some dimesions. Will let you know how it comes out.

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    I replaced the bushings, #16 in the diagram, every 2-3 years. That helped a bit.

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    I Have had the bushing hole bored to the diameter that the stock bushings fit. Also cut the two cross over tubes (7/16 inch) and welded so it is 8 inches between the bushing mounts which is the same as the stock center stand. This hooks up nicely. Then there is the springs. I will need to add springs attachments to the Ride off Stand.
    So I put the stock stand back on for now, Used new springs and lubricated the bushings. Works much better putting the bike back up. Ground a little more off the welded keys and now the stock center stand os just forward of center and sturdy.

    I have ordered new bushings and will have something to attach the springs to on the ride off stand, and see how it works.

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    Almost there...
    Not sure if the pictures will attach.

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