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Thread: Great Falls traffic enforcement

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    Great Falls traffic enforcement

    Do the Montana authorities use radar?

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    And watch out for rearward facing radar. It got me 3 years ago.

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    I long for the days when reasonable and prudent was the law of the land.

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    Years ago when it was "reasonable and prudent" I made a trip out there in my 1974 Monte Carlo. The car was just a few years old and in good shape and lets just say we made good time across highway 2. On the way how I was rolling along about 95 MPH, came over a hill and there was three highway patrol sitting there. I figured I was screwed, slowed down a bit, but they never came after me.

    Two years ago I was rolling down I90 just over 90 MPH on my RT. My wife asked me how fast we were going and she told me I was going to get a ticket. I told he no I wasn't, and she asked why was I so sure. Well we had just rolled by an HP that was sitting in the median and he didn't pay any attention to me.

    Keep in mind even though Montana can be lenient, once you cross the line it can easily become carless driving.
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    I think I woke them up

    On the way to the 84 National Rally in Missoula a friend and I were traveling toward Great Falls and just entering Montana from the Dakotas when we came over a rise in the highway in excess of 80 mph. Just over the rise sat a Montana Highway Patrol. I think we may have awakened him because he looked over at us as we went by. But as others have said, he didn't follow us and we made it to my sister-in-law's place in Great Falls in time for an early dinner.
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