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Thread: Looking for top/side bag protection for Bagger

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    Question Looking for top/side bag protection for Bagger

    HAs anyone come across a protection solution for the top and sides of your KT1600B side bags? Keep scuffing with boot from mounting and dismounting. Looking for some kind of shield, maybe like a carbon fiber insert/panel?

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    I’m not sure how involved you want to get. 3M Scotchcal plastic “wrap” that sticks on and give anything it is applied on a pretty good protection quality. I use it on rocker panels to reduce scuffing on vehicles.
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    I bought a small roll of 3M film like Omega Man mentioned and cut my own to cover the top part of the painted lid of our RS bags..
    If the film gets scuffed you can peel it off and install a new piece.

    The film is also available in a transparent matte finish.
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