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Thread: A more reliable fuel pump?

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    A more reliable fuel pump?

    91 k75s. I have had endless problems with the fuel system on this bike. I have now replaced everything in the tank, including a $280 fuel sender unit. The problem was that it kept blowing the fuel fuse. I have spent considerable time on this and have found the problem: the nearly new fuel pump locks up if the bike is not run for a period of time. (I realize this has never happened to anyone else, so we can skip that. I'm just lucky.) I won't go through all the testing, but believe me, the pump will do nothing but blow fuses, then, if I jump a 12 volt motorcycle battery directly to the pump, it will start up and run fine. I then reconnect the pump to the harness: it runs fine, no fuse blowing. The pump is the problem. It sticks just enough to keep it from turning. How this can happen, I have no idea. It's in filtered gas. It's a little motor with roller bearings in the bottom. I've had these apart, they're not that complicated.

    I bought the pump new from Euro Moto Electrics three years ago, and it has maybe 60 miles of run time, about 3 hours. This same issue has happened before with this pump. It is a 52mm Enduralast pump, $200 cost.
    I'll contact EuroMoto Electrics, but I already know what I'll hear: "We've never heard of that. We've sold hundreds of them."

    My question is, anyone know where I can buy a better pump, and preferably not a $400 BMW one? I would feel a bit stupid giving Euro Electrics another $200 for another quite possibly defective pump.

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    You could try some Mystery Oil in the gasoline- as a bit of lube.
    You could circumvent the bikes original wires and go directly to the bikes battery and use this to check the wiring loom/harness.
    At the age of the bike, it would be easier to have wiring and connections go bad and have more resistance than the fuse/circuit was intended to handle.
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    I put one of these in my k1100. So far so good.

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    More resistance in the wiring causes current to go down, and not blow a fuse.
    On the other hand, a stuck or stalled pump motor will cause the current to go up, and blow the fuse.

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    Just an FYI, the fuel pump is before the filter. There is a Mustang fuel pump that fits but I don't know which one. Should be availible by many manufacturers.

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    These pumps go for less than $30 on ebay:
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    I agree these pumps are shared with other vehicles. i had a 2003 Yamaha R1 and needed a fuel pump. I found some info on the internet and went down to the local auto parts and bought one for a Honda automobile. It was and exact match, right down to the wiring harness connection. Plus it was $60 instead of $500.
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