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Thread: Left Leg Amputated! Electric shifter??? 2011 RT HELP Please

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    I found an online article from a Connecticut rider group about a man who lost his left leg to a car driverís left turn. Afterwards he had a Pingel shifter mounted on his BMW F800 GS. I checked, that bike has the CAN-BUS system, too. Just FYI for you all. Thanks for all the input. Still going to bounce my situation off the local dealershipís repair department.

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    Good to hear! But...

    The coil for a 2011 r1200RT is p/n 12 13 8 520 154 if you use the "straight" type,
    or p/n 12 13 8 520 173 (left) or 174 (right) if you use the angled type.

    The coil for an F800GS is either 12 13 8 523 968 for the earlier years except for the Adv version,
    and the coil for later years, and the May 2012 to March 2016 Advs is 12113 8 561 404.

    So that still leaves open the question of "will the trigger signal work?" Don't talk to the service manager, talk to a Master mechanic, or at least to a later "R" specialist, or even get persnickety with Pingel, to determine if there is a difference in what the computer sends to the primary side of the coil.

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