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Thread: rally cancellation

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    rally cancellation

    Uncertain how to cancel for the rally I paid for. Did the rally refund protection and it is less then 30 days before event so believe will get a voucher for future use. Is there a link I can click on?
    Thank you

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    Check the Rally Refund Protection near the bottom of this page:

    It says to go to but whenever I try, it fails. If you can't get through, call the office tomorrow for guidance.
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    A friend in Alaska called the office last Thursday to cancel and was given a voucher to be used for a future event. He had forgotten he had carried over the 2020 registration. All no fuss.
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    I am good, they took care of me. Sadly...won't be there to get my free 'drink cup' at the BrewFest (no refunds for that event). Now if they could just mail it to me lol...
    Enjoy the rally all, wind or no wind

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