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Thread: New Idaho member

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    New Idaho member

    Been riding for years, just picked up my first BMW. Getting ready for the trip to Great Falls

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    Welcome to BMW and to the forum! What BMW did you end up getting? Not many choices on riding from Boise to Great Falls. Will you be slabbing it or taking the route up through the panhandle?
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    Welcome from Newfoundland.
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    Picked up a 94 R1100RS with 19k on the clock. After new tires, all new fluids, and general maintainence it is finally road worthy. I will be taking the pan handle to Missoula and on to great falls. Have to take the freeway home.

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    Welcome boiserider63! Glad you are here. What other bikes have you owned? Care to share any pics of what brought you here?
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    I've owned a few Hondas. CBR 1000 Hurricane, and a CBR1100XX Black Bird(should have kept that one!) Two Gilroy Indians, a Shovelhead, Evo Wide Glide, and now an 08 Street Glide anniversary. Can't seem to make up my mind. I guess I'm just going to try them all!

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