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Thread: New member in Summerville, SC

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    New member in Summerville, SC

    Hi all, trying out posting for the first time; I just joined the MOA this morning from Summerville, SC. I currently have a 1977 R100/7 and a 2013 F800GS. Excited to see what this community is all about!



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    Lots of good folks on here! Welcome from Newfoundland.
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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    Hallo Draechon in sunny SC!

    Did U get a BMW Special Offer on 2 bikes for the price of one? Maybe you've had an Airhead for awhile now. I got my first BMW in 1975 whilst stationed at Myrtle Beach AFB. That kinda dates me I guess... Additionally, Team-HSV took the 2-day BMW Off-road training in Spartanburg cause we each had GS's back ~9 years ago. It's worth the money & effort if you really intend to do some authentic eXploring... MotoMark1 also offers on & off-road training up in Burlington, NC [just FYI]. Always good to know how your bikes behave in a sudden Emergency Maneuver...

    Hope you'll show up at a rally or an MOA Getaway at some point. Happy Travels in the months & years ahead.

    Phil & Karen

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    Thanks guys!

    HSVPhil, I have had the /7 for about 3 years now. Bought off the non-riding brother of the original owner. It had been stored in a shed for about 7 years, and actually started when he hooked it up to a charger and threw in some fresh gas when I went to check it out. It didn't run great, but a carb rebuild, fresh spark plugs and gutting and re-lining the rusty tank got it running great! I ride it pretty regularly after catching up on all of its maintenance, but definitely more of a "rider" than a "show bike"

    Just picked up the GS a few weeks ago, and looking to get it dirty soon! I've had a couple others in its family before, R1100GS, and F650GS single, hoping this will split the middle between the two!

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    Welcome draechon! Looks like you have gotten the hang of this posting thing...Thanks for posting the pics. Lovely!
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