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Thread: looking at a 1982 R100RS

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    looking at a 1982 R100RS

    I have "discovered" a 1982 R100RS here in Kansas, originally a Florida bike. 47k miles, repainted white (vice Polaris Graphite). It has replacement SS mufflers and Koni rear shocks, aftermarket fork brace. Badly needs front fork rebuild (seals, springs, stanchions if chrome pitting is in seal zone) and total carb rebuild. It starts easily and idles but won't run over 2500 rpm. In a road test I had trouble getting into fifth gear because of low road speed related to the carb problem. It shifts easily, so I don't think there is any problem in the transmission. Fairing is not cracked or dinged, just a few paint chips here and there. Relatively new battery and modest tire life remaining. No tool kit, but it has the cable lock in the frame tube under the gas tank. Exposed engine surfaces show effects of salt air, but I think it would clean up easily. Kill switch, turn signals, and clock are inoperative. I think it will take about $500 to get it running well and make it safe to drive. After that it is all cosmetic and aesthetic modifications (paint, etc). How much would this motorcycle cost where you live?

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    It sounds like you've got a handle on what needs to be fixed/updated, along with the other modifications already made. I'd offer the person $2800 for starters, then maybe move up to $3200, but not much more.

    Just my $.02.
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    I have a mint 83 r100rs with a lot of nice details,93k on it.I view its value at about 5,000.that bike you were interested in scares me, I wouldn't consider it.Sounds like its been abused.I do my own main. and never had those probelms.

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    If you've got funky electrical stuff going on, it might cost a lot more than $500 to get it figured out.

    I'd keep looking. There's nothing worse than inheriting a mess, especially if you have to pay for it. Also, I don't know if this is true of the 82's or not, but valve recession is a big issue with some early airheads. If that bike hasn't had the valves and valve seats replaced, you can add another $500 to it.
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    IMHO it sounds like a $1000 RS MAX: valve seats WILL have to be replace, trans WILL need to overhauled sometime.........elec problems are going to mount up rapidly. Sounds like a neglected bike by PO.

    All this CAN restore this beautiful machine BUT don't go overboard on purchase price.

    Will be glad to discuss off forum/line if desired........"Igor" just rolled over 116K miles today.....................
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