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Thread: Suggested coolant for '86 K75C

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    Suggested coolant for '86 K75C

    What suggested coolant is preferable for the subject bike?

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    For my water-cooled motorcycles, including K75S bikes, I use a silicate-free coolant. I mix the coolant with distilled water in a 50/50 mixture. Usually when replacing the coolant I will drain the old coolant; then fill the radiator and engine with pure distilled water. I run the bike for a short while to circulate the water with the old coolant. The water is drained. I might do this a couple of times. Then the new 50/50 coolant mix is added to the bike. After a brief running of the engine (before the bike gets hot, just a few seconds of running) I remove the radiator fill cap and check if the coolant needs to be topped up. If the bike is allowed to warm up WAIT BEFORE OPENING the rediator cap!!!!

    I have in the past used the Honda coolant because the place where I purchased many motorcycles was also a Honda dealer and they carried this stuff. This stuff is green and should not be mixed with water (it is already diluted with water). The picture below is of a newer version of what I used. Also below is an image of a silicate-free version that is readily available at most nearby FLAPS (Friendly Local Auto Parts Stores). A link is given for a pdf file that shows many different types of coolants and the various constituents.

    honda coolant.jpgzerex si-free.jpg

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    any name brand coolant. nothing special required. I use prestone (yellow or blue, doesn't matter which) in all my bikes and cars.
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