In another post on the forum I asked if anyone had any problems with their Corbin seats and how they sit on the frame and fit their bikes. This is in reference to my 84 and similar RT bikes.

I owned before this Corbin seat two others and wore them out with no problems. Third time is not lucky. I won't go into the long story of how I now rank Corbin as the second worst customer service company.

Last year, my four year old Corbin dual touring seat had a hinge push through the base. I admit Corbin repaired it but, they and I never caught the reason for this to happen until now. I have had the seat off and the cowling in for repaint. Upon installing the seat with out the cowling, I found the two hinges of the seat are bearing the main weight of me, the rubber bumpers on the seat pan don't touch the frame at all. In fact there is almost a 1/4 inch gap between the bumpers and the frame.

So, what does this mean? Well the hinges are not the right ones, they are too long. In this set up all the weight is on them as well as the two little pins on the frame. I got lucky, the seat broke not the pins or I would have had to figure out a way to weld new ones on. Still that does not solve the real problem, the hinges are too long. Now they were the hinges shipped with the seat so I assumed at the time they would be correct for my bike. I assumed when I bought the seat It would fit properly. I mean it is not rocket science to install the seat.

Where I made my mistake is not looking closer at the set up, not checking to see if in fact the seat sat on the frame properly or not. My excuse is the metal cowling was in the way and I did not see the big gap. Hey, the seat opens, closes, latches and does not move about so I again assumed everything was proper.

After a conversation with Corbin, I was told they only have the hinges they have and it is an old unit. How about making a gasket to close the gap? There is nothing they can or will do for me. I'm sorry, but I paid good money for a seat that is supposed to fit my bike out of the box. I am not going to modify my bike to fit the seat that should fit the bike. Now I have a seat I won't use. St.