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Thread: Memorial Day Ride: Black Mountain Run

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    Memorial Day Ride: Black Mountain Run

    Memorial Day Ride!

    I left my house promptly at 7:30am. Gassed up at the Ingles in Anderson SC on HWY81, then jumped on Interstate 85 North. I set the cruise control on the BMW R1200RT and rolled to Boiling Springs SC as fast as I could. At about that same time, Charles and Jeff were saddling up and heading out from their respective homes as well (Hickory NC and Charlotte NC). I met Jorg at Wilson's Corner Store (9390 SC-9, Inman, SC 29349) at 8:30. After complaining about the noxious fumes being spewed out of a poorly maintained construction truck, we headed north on HWY 9 to pick up the rest of our gang.

    As we passed the SC/NC border and crossed the HWY 9 HWY 74 intersection we spotted a black Honda CTX1300 and its rider parked just outside of Beulah Baptist Church's parking lot (140 Beulah Church Ln, Tryon, NC 28782). Jorg and I parked, jumped off our bikes, greeted Jeff, and admired his bike. Jeff has a nice Corbin seat! After a few moments we all saddled up and continued our trek north on HWY 9 towards Lake Lure.

    As we rolled north on HWY 9 I was in awe of the perfect weather, the feeling of my bike, the sight of our growing group, and the music playing out of my bike's stereo system. The perfect day was upon us.

    As soon as we arrived in Lake Lure we spotted Charles and his blue CTX in the Lake House Restaurant Parking lot. As soon as he saw us, he put on his helmet, started his bike, and was ready to roll. However; we were not. We parked, got off our bikes, greeted Charles, introduced him to Jeff, and chatted briefly about the ride. Once Jorg and Charles were settled on what they felt was the best route for the day, we were off.

    We took HWY 9 north through Chimney Rock, then turned right onto Old Fort Rd. Old Fort Rd. soon changed to Bat Cave Rd. As we entered Old Fort NC, we turned right on to HWY 70 east and headed to HWY 80, just outside of West Marion NC. We turned left onto HWY 80 and had a GREAT RIDE up to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    Before we got on the BRP we stopped at a parking lot for a small break.

    We went South on the BRP to Mount Mitchell. It was chilly, but not too cold. Mount Mitchell State Park was a popular destination on Memorial Day. We walked to the summit, took some photos, and then went back to our bikes thinking about food and gas. We quickly learned that the Restaurant at Mount Mitchell was closed, so we had to think of something else. Jorg suggested we head to the Little Switzerland Inn. After a quick check for distance (25 miles north) we couldn't think of any other place better!!

    The ride to Little Switzerland was smooth! We got there about 1:00pm, walked up to the restaurant and put our names on the list, and went to play a round of Corn Hole while we waited. The weather was ideal! The sky was clear, sun was shining, humidity was low.

    The Corn Hole game was just like how I like to camp, intense (get it... in tents)! Charles and I (Chris) were on one team and Jorg and Jeff were on the other: Let's call our teams C&C and J&J. At first, it seemed like J&J were going to win. They had the lead early on. Then, C&C had the lead. Then, J&J. Then both teams were tied at 20-to-20. Charles tossed his bags and landed two on the board (22 points) and we though we were going to bust, but then Jeff threw his causing the score to end at 21 (C&C) and 20 (J&J). C&C won the round.

    Lunch was 'a pleasure.' We each had our meal, enjoyed some great fellowship, and headed to the gift shop to buy some commemorative t-shirts (226A Diamondback shirts). We saddled up and headed up 226 to top off our tanks at the Walmart Supercenter, then Charles hopped back onto the BRP while Jeff, Jorg, and I went down 226 towards Interstate 40.

    When we got to I40, Jeff went East and Jorg and I went West.

    Jorg and I rode extremely fast on I40 West towards Asheville. We were headed back to HWY 9 in Black Mountain. Jorg has a radar detector (I think) and he was in the lead. I don't know if I should publish our speed, but he was in front going faster than me and I hit OMG mph a few times. LOL!!
    Once we got onto HWY 9 we headed south back down to Boiling Springs SC. The ride up and down that road was AMAZING! We made two stops: (1) in Chimney Rock at a nice brewery/restaurant for a rest then (2) Jorg's house where I got to briefly meet his wife and see their wonderful home.
    I left Jorg's house and made it back to my house at 8pm. For me, I was on the bike a total of 12.5 hour and completed 326 miles.

    Great day!


    PS: Google Map of the route:


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    Sounds like a great ride. I love the Little Switzerland area.
    Ken Martin
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