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Thread: Are heated Jacket liners Polarity specific?

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    Are heated Jacket liners Polarity specific?

    I'm rewiring a controller and Tourmaster heated jacket liner..
    Are the jacket liners polarity specific, or does it not matter?

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    If all that is involved is a simple on-off switch and the heating element wires then I don't think it matters which way the electrons flow. But I am fairly certain that any electronic controller - certainly the pulse-width controllers like used by Gerbing and Warm and Safe - are polarity dependent.
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    I agree with Paul G - Being a solid-state device, the controller absolutely would be polarity-specific (and may be destroyed by hooking it up backwards, dunno fer sure, but likely); but as far as I have ever seen, the heating elements are just resistive wire, so that doesn't (shouldn't...) matter.

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