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Thread: 1994 K75 auction less than 10,000 miles showing

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    1994 K75 auction less than 10,000 miles showing

    I thought this might be of interest to some on this sight if interested good luck.


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    Wow. That is pretty nice. What time capsule. Unfortunately the seller seemed mostly concerned with proving how hard it is to photograph a black bike in direct sunlight, especially when you always photograph from the shadow side.

    The bags are older than the bike. The bags that would have been bought new when that bike was new would be 3rd gen System cases, while the bags in the photo are 1st gen (much cruder). The pic of the wires in the tank don't make sense to me either... red and black. No float? Non-OEM pump and wiring? That, with the black rust-o-matic hardware store bolts for the luggage give a feeling that a few iffy things were done at the end, but overall the bike itself seems nice
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    Funny, I submitted my 94 Daker Yellow K75S back in October, but BaT rejected the listing. Surprised me, since it was a limited edition model.
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    low seat and up to $3250.

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