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Thread: Frame Sliders for Classic Airhead?

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    Frame Sliders for Classic Airhead?

    I own a 1976 R90S. I've been contemplating trying to fit some sliders to protect the valve covers. I've read way too many articles about the 'crash bars' turning a low side wreck into a high side when they catch a crack in the pavement and send the motorcycle tumbling to its demise.

    Any thoughts/images on sliders replacing the cap nuts? Other locations that work well?

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    Welcome to the forum! I, too, have heard that people are concerned that engine guards can trash a motorcycle, but it's quite rare when I do here it. I just don't think it's that big of a concern IMO.

    As for frame sliders, that stud in the middle that holds onto the valve cover is very weak and any force like that is just going to rip it out and/or ruin the head. If you're really concerned about all the possibilities, just don't put anything on and go from there!
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    In the early 1990s BMW was promoting the end of the airhead era and introduction of the oilhead R1100RS by having retired racing greats ride in "simulated" races. This event was usually held along with some other event, e.g., AMA Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio Race Track.

    There was concern about the racers scraping the valve covers so several actions were taken. One thing that was done was to weld some reinforcing patches on the lower portion of the valve covers. These can be seen in the photos below. Another thing done was to replace the stock R100R shock for one for a R100GS which was slightly longer and allowed for some additional clearance for the valve covers in corners. I did not get to see the airheads "race", but I did watch some of the oilhead "races". While supposedly these were simulated races, these guys still had competitive urges and the races were quite interesting.


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