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Thread: Going to cancel a room at Hilton Garden Inn ....

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    Going to cancel a room at Hilton Garden Inn ....

    Figured I'd post here before I cancelled a room I won't need at the Hilton Garden Inn in Great Falls. It's booked checking in on the 23rd and out on 27th. Not cheap but has 2 queen beds good for sharing. Total for the 4 nights with fees and taxes is $835 so $208 per night including all fees and taxes. Let me know if anyone is interested. Probably won't cancel until later this week.
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    Please conduct any discussions offline using the PM system. Hopefully someone can help you out, but let's keep the "commerce" down to a dull roar!

    Ed, PM when things have been settled and I'll delete this thread.

    For now, I'm closing the thread.
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