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Thread: Cracked bottom shock leg.

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    Cracked bottom shock leg.

    On a recent 94 1100 purchase with 57000 miles I found the Ohlins rear shock leg cracked across the lower radius of the press fit bushing. Apparently there were replacement parts available at one time but have been discontinued. Anyone know if this is a condition exclusive to Ohlins or apparent over a wide variety of shocks. If it can't be welded I'm going to have to trash a very expensive shock that hasen't even had one rebuild even though about 9 years old. Seems odd that a reputable company like Ohlins wouldn't stand behind their product, but their statement was that they would not be restocking the replacement lower portion and to try having it welded or machine a new one.
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    Interesting. I remember buying a replacement for one of those in the late 2000s when it collapsed under a hard impact.

    It should be easy enough to get one made out of steel, but if you continue to use the shock it should be rebuilt. My assumption is that it failed because the extension damping was shot and it topped out with a hard stop that eventually cracked the bracket in tension.
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    Not sure on welding would be tricky. I guess if I was to weld it I would cut a drop-over steel sleeve (sorta like a rectangular washer) padded so it wouldn’t chafe, as a safety.
    On welding, I think the setup would start with a bolt or rod inserted through the holes to make the inevitable “line bore” less a chore. Once the weld was 50% completed, the bolt could be removed for the rest of the weld.
    Let us know how you make out.
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    Might be wise to check the alignment of the installed shock, as well. Something caused a lot of strain on that fitting…

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    This company makes custom clevises for Ohlins shocks, about $85.

    Maybe they have something that will work for you.
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    If you get really stuck maybe something like this could work if you could find them with the right dimensions:

    Only $12 a pair but maybe ...

    I searched for “motorcycle shock clevis”. Seems there’s a few out there. Good luck!
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    Wow, thanks to everyone for the replies. Not sure what caused it as I just bought the bike and noticed the oil leaking so disassembled it and took to a certified Ohlins rebuilder who found the damage. So now waiting on possible solutions before chucking it and purchasing a new one. I'll post back when I figure it out. Riding the original 94 oem shock no and definitely a difference😀. It sounds like the PO somehow cracked it but didn't realize the issue but it's something common to happen. Wouldn't have noticed it if the shock hadn't just started leaking and flagged at my initial licensing vehicle safety check. Glad I found it before any more damage could occur.

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