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Thread: Advice on Hot Weather Pants

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    I wear a Klim Latitude and Aerostich AD-1 pants and strongly agree with the article about cooling. I, like most everyone probably, thought mesh was the way to go in the Memphis heat (commonly 100F+ and high humidity). I commute every day I can and with that combo, dehydration is not an issue. With the mesh gear I used to run, I'd be dying of thirst by the time I got home in the afternoon after a 40 minute commute.

    Though it seems contra intuitive, non-mesh gear is the way to go in extreme high temperature conditions.
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    I have 2 pairs of the Darians one yellow one black purchased both used and have less than $300 invested both completely waterproof. Sizing select your regular pant size they are made a bit larger so they fit over your regular pants or shorts

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    leather pants, bedouin style

    Recent experience has virtue. This last week I rode 2500 miles, including from West Texas to Houston where the lowest "high" temperature was 97 degrees (all low humidity, though.) I use oversized (baggy) leather overalls with suspenders to hold them up, plus a mesh jacket, and a "dirt-bike" style helmet with a projecting chin (lots of ventilation.) It was quite tolerable, even at 102 degree temps. Being dressed like a bedouin actually works. I didn't realize how hot it was till I took my jacket off for lunches and then felt the intensity of the heat.

    Going to spend the summer here on the Gulf (Houston and St Pete) so will have to wait and see what the higher humidity scenarios are like.
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