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Thread: New member in middle Tennessee

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    New member in middle Tennessee

    Hi folks,

    I recently adopted a very neglected 1997 R850R, and figured I might as well join the biggest Internet repository of tomfoolery and knowledge related to Motorrad. I live and ride mostly in the middle Tennessee area and am slowly getting to know my Oilhead inside and out.

    Just yesterday had the classic Hall Effect sensor failure, so that'll be fun to fix.

    Otherwise, I hope to share some of the creative solutions I've come up with, as well as find answers to various questions I've got. I'm only a trial member for now but plan to be a full member very soon.

    Thanks for having me.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    One of our members has had great success in rebuilding the HES- You could send him a Private Message if interested.
    Could be a good lead for you.
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    Welcome Aboard, Tom, from upper Alabama!

    Check out your Feed for my response. Second Saturday Ride coming up to

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    Welcome htomsett from your neighbor to the south! Good luck with your project. Would love to see the before pics.
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    Welcome from Newfoundland.
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    Quote Originally Posted by langoptc View Post
    Welcome htomsett from your neighbor to the south! Good luck with your project. Would love to see the before pics.

    I wish I had taken some, but I didn't. Got right to work on it without thinking about taking pictures.

    As these things usually go, it looked a lot better in the classified ad, but the closer I got the worse it was. Leaking fork tubes, lots of gunk all over the front end because of it, rust on almost every external fastener, lots of cracked and old rubber parts, sun bleaching on all the black plastic, a huge dent in the fuel tank, 10-year-old tires, a broken turn signal...

    It still looks pretty rough, but it's mechanically a lot more sound and a lot less neglected than it was. So I guess taking pictures now wouldn't be that different from when I got it. Cosmetics are secondary to me and will be addressed after I get it mechanically sound and trustworthy.

    When I solder the Hall sensor back to working order and reinstall it, I'll post some pictures here for you folks.

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    Coincidentally, I have a 96 R850R in Eastern Tennessee, which I acquired over the winter. 20,000 miles with documented history but I was wondering about Hall effect sensor. Even with the low mileage the engine is 25 years old. I think I'll order one to have on hand given the experience you have had.

    Perhaps we will cross paths somewhere between Nashville and Chattanooga one day.

    Be well, ride safely.


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    Welcome from one born in Smyrna, TN currently living in lower Alabama.
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