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Thread: Camp @ MOA Headquarters in SC for $40? (and the GS Trophy Qualifier)

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    Camp @ MOA Headquarters in SC for $40? (and the GS Trophy Qualifier)

    The GS Trophy Qualifier for Albania 2022 takes place on two coasts in USA this year. the first is September 3rd at the BMW Performance Center and the 2nd is a month later at RawHyde in California.

    The MOA has generously opened up their lawn to GS Trophy Participants, Guests & Volunteers.

    Spaces are limited. I'll be there!!!

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    Rats on the date.... if EU ever opens again I plan to be in Italy as a spectator for the ISDE.

    Have fun down there, look for the GS Giants.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Pro tip:

    The might Grom kills everyone in the street skills section...

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    Pray for no rain...

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    Glad to see this co-op idea coming to fruition.
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