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Thread: Trailering a F800st

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    Trailering a F800st

    A coworker just purchased an F800ST. Are there any dos/don'ts when trailering this motorcycle? For example, my experience with Oilheads taught me that they should be secured down low and not from up on/near the handlebars.
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    I just put a ”soft-loop” on each side of the handlebars on the F800GS and use a standard Ancra ratchet or cam strap. I usually hook onto the back somewhere near the passenger pegs.
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    I'm late to see this, but I have an ST and have trailered it a few times. I would never use the handlebars on it. They are not that strong. Use a couple nylon straps to go over the lower fork yolk under the fairing and compress the suspension.

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