Hey they have just started paving operations in the Tupelo MS area and on south this week(June 4 2001). Just a heads up you may encounter road paving and one lane road closures. The Natchez Trace has gotten in bad shape and it's pretty rough. I live right off the Trace south of Tupelo and i can verify it is ROUGH! According to the National Park Service, it is mainly due to excess 18 wheeler traffic on the Trace. The road was not designed for 80,000 pound trucks and there has been an increase in trucks using the trace. Yes i know there are large "no commercial vehice" signs posted and a $500 fine but they still get on there. They got 7 in one day recently. You would have to be an idiot to take a large truck on there. They are apparently drivers using google maps on their phone to navigate which pretty much says you are an idiot. There are no excuses, you get caught you pay $500 and you have to come back and appear in person in federal court. Enjoy the scenic trace, drivers. LOL