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Thread: Vario side cases??

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    Question Vario side cases??

    Later ...lemme rephrase this question: Re: 2017, 700 gs. Am I correct in thinking that in order to mount any side bags other than Vario bags on the oem side case mounts, the whole apparatus has to be removed from the bike and replaced with whatever other brand mounting system, say Givi or Jesse? Wife just bought an f700 gs no bags just the oem mounts that I believe are for Vario side cases ONLY. I also believe that in order to use other brands, GIVI or Jesse or whatever, that the oem mounts must be removed and replaced with the brand mount. Yes? No?

    We've used Krausers, those mid 80's style bags, and oil head style bags. We're familiar with the absurdities in insanities of BMW bags. I just want to know if that whole deal must be removed or "settle" for Vario bags. Thanx!!!

    Where's the best place to look for used Vario cases? None on the marketplace right now.

    Thanx and ride safe!
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    Hey. So the vario cases are so so. I have them for the F800gs but find a top case would be a lot more useful. The varios are pricey and can only be found on the usual Craigslist, eBay or marketplace.

    The only thing I think is cool about them that you can key them with the same key as the engine.

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    I think those cases fit some of the larger models, K and R GS, bikes too.

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    The Multivarios are side-loaders so stuff falls out when they are opened, and it doesn’t take much of an impact to leave you with a “yard sale” with your stuff scattered all over the woods. Look nice, tho.

    You don’t need to spend a fortune to get good luggage. I’ve found these panniers and mounts to serve well on my R12GS:

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    To speak directly to your first question, I recently put racks for Givi side cases on my '16 F700GS that came with the Vario racks. I was able to retain the top loop (handy as passenger grab rails and for lashing things on the seat) but had to remove the bottom loop as the Givi racks needed those mounting points. I'm a fan of Givi Monokey racks because besides providing secure mounting, there are so many options for different styles and sizes of bags both old and new.

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    I think the Varios are great for general road use. Narrow 32" wide allows easy lane split, and they look good on the bike. If you need to expand them for a trip you get an extra 2 or 3 inches per side, just like that.

    As far as stuff falling out - just get an inner bag - load it in your hotel room and then slip it into the side case. No need to remove side case either that way. I use a left side BMW inner bag only - for clothes. Gear and other stuff goes in right bag.

    And the last BEST feature is they are interchangeable from the larger GS bikes,, at least on my R1200GS LC and F750GS, which both have the exhaust on the right side. I use one set for both bikes. Probably the same compatibility between with the air cooled R1200GS and F700 which have exhaust on the left.
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