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Thread: R1200GS LC Clutch Microswitch won't allow restart in gear after stall at a light.

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    R1200GS LC Clutch Microswitch won't allow restart in gear after stall at a light.

    Wish I could figure out why my "deep" clutch switch is not reliable on my R1200GS LC '13. Won't start in gear when I stall it and won't change (ROAD/Enduro Pro) "modes" while moving except after I fiddle with the double switch some way or another. Microswitches are such simple devices.

    I've tried bending the microswitch lever, Nope, won't help.
    I just tried a layer of 3M electric tape under the microswitch lever above the plunger to need less clutch lever travel? Big hands so I set OEM lever on 3 with grip puppies. Not the only problem.
    Just tried DeOx on the 3 pin connector and 3 pin plug?
    Just tried DeOx spray onto the plunger but it might be "water tight."?
    I've mail ordered another OEM double microswitch?
    I wonder if the housing has molded in posts that are supposed to "register" the switch exactly? Are they worn?
    It works fine now, again, but for how long?

    These efforts only require a T-30 driver to rotate the clutch lever up 30 degrees or so
    A 2mm hex driver (same as inner spoke lock screw) to take out the attachment screw.

    The test is: up on the center stand in first gear: key on: press and hold in red starter button with clutch lever out, as you pull in the clutch it "shoulld" start. Don't have your right shoe wedged between the rear tire and the floor as you get it to start.
    You can do a "pre" test with microswitch hanging on wire, just hold red starter switch, then push microswitch top(?) lever and it should start in gear.

    It's rainy day. Sorry the pic is sideways.
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    When you squeeze the clutch, you should hear a click as soon as it starts to move (that's the cruise control cancel) and then another when you get closer to the bar (for the starter interlock). Do you hear these two distinct clicks reliably?
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