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Thread: Any suggestions for good riding boots?

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    Even her boots?

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    SIDI Adventure 2 Gore Tex

    Quote Originally Posted by motor10 View Post
    I have been using SIDI Canyon Gore boots for several years. The have been very comfortable to ride in and to walk around in as well.
    Because I'm vertically challenged and riding S1kRR, I got a pair of the SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex's, even before SIDI made the 'mids.' The extra tall sole was all I wanted, so I love them for that, I feel 100% more confident that I can stop and put my foot down and keep me & the bike upright. And yes, I did need to lower the clutch pedal as far it would go. But they're very comfortable and I don't feel compelled to "get these torture devices off my feet" immediately after the ride is over, like I would with Ski Boots. I managed once to forgot to bring business casual shoes with me to work once, and I wore them all day. If I had to do it over, I definitely would have went with mid heights, because the talls really do feel like ski boots at times.
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    I bought a pair of these after researching reviews from leo's/mils who've used them. 3 weeks, 3600 miles, 5 states, a few soaker days and these boots are waterproof, very lightweight [ as compared to my Timberland's ], comfortable to walk in all day. I forgot I was wearing boots most of the time, they are that lightweight.
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    Daytonas . The best I’ve worn to date . Comfy and safe .

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    Wide feet, large calves

    I have wide hooves, measuring 4E on the traditional Brannock device, US size 10. I also have huge calf muscles (19.5 in., genetics + exercise) and a high instep.
    I am most comfortable in New Balance sneakers, US 10.5, 2E width. (I know NB makes shoes in 4E, but find them too roomy sometimes, although they are what my foot probably wants.) This note for reference only — I do not ride in sneakers!
    I have had great comfort and performance with the Sidi Canyon GoreTex boots — they fit comfortably and are well built (size Euro 44). I wore these on a 30 day cross country trip that happened to include an Iron Butt run and an amazing 4+ hour toad-strangling rainstorm in Kansas. Temperatures ranged from 35 — 116 degrees F. on the trip. I was comfortable throughout the day, every day, and always dry down there.
    I also have some TCX Airtech boots, which are well featured and built to fairly accommodate us wide paws, and are very breathable and waterproof. I have not torture tested these as I have the Sidi’s, but I do like them.
    To complement my new RT, I recently tried a pair of BMW’s Ride Sneakers, which I thought would be good for more casual rides in the neighborhood. I liked the looks of them, but really liked being able to adjust the fit just right with the laces, but get in and out of them by using the side zipper feature. I was surprised to find they were quite wearable, even with the wide foot and high instep. So I kept them!
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    Thumbs up Chippewa “Rally” boots

    Chippewa “Rally” boots: real heavy leather, many sizes, very comfortable to walk in. Fairly tall boot, heel a little “high” (bikerish). I’ver had for 6 years, extremely comfortable, stitched sole !!!!
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    At the Great Falls Rally I pick up a pair of Falco "Mixto 2" boots as my old BMW boots were worn out with a hole in the heel. I had purchased a pair of Falco "Patrol" boots at the 2019 rally in Lebanon (a lighter ankle high, around town boot) that fit my narrow feet perfectly and decided to go with the brand for my ADV style boot. The Mixtos run a bit wider, but still worked well with thicker socks. I gave them a good test on the way from Montana to South Carolina with some 10 to 12 hour days, about 8 hours of rain (my feet were dry after the rain and thunderstorms, and the soles had good traction when I put my foot down at stops), and walking around some towns, pull offs and campsites.

    I've now got over 3500 miles on them and I have to give a good thumbs up to these Italian made boots. They were also on sale for $200, about a $30 dollar savings. Between that and and the $50 saved on the Wolfman tankbag that I bought, I covered my Rally fee in discounts. Yeah, I'm cheap and I ride a BMW!

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    I've been wearing Forma Adventure Lows for about 4 years. They've been outstanding for my mostly on road touring. I will buy Forma again when they wear out.

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