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Thread: Headed to Rally from Austin, TX area - Leaving June 20 or so...

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    Lightbulb Headed to Rally from Austin, TX area - Leaving June 20 or so...

    Hi all,

    Planning to ride to the rally from just southwest of Austin, TX. Current plan is to ride from out on Sunday the 20th and take a leisurely ride through New Mexico, Utah, and then Idaho, reaching Great Falls on Wednesday afternoon to get a campsite at the rally. Will probably volunteer to help at the rally for a couple of days and ride for a couple of days before heading south through Colorado east of the front range and back into TX.

    Anyone else headed up from Central Texas, that is riding / camping along the way?

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    how many miles a day you thinkin? what do you ride?
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    Looks like juanbeemer hasn't been back to the forum since he posted that. You might try sending him a PM. Depending on the settings, he might receive an email that he has a PM. I hope that will get you guys in contact!

    Sadly, I'm not heading to MT this year!!
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