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Thread: 1992 K75 Repair

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    1992 K75 Repair

    I am looking for a place to take my bike to get it up and running. I have been unable to ride for about 10 years. I am in the Chandler, Arizona area. I am looking for an honest, reliable shop. I have checked with a couple local dealers and they do not work on bikes prior to 2000. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    About 6 or 7 years ago I purchased an 88 K75S in Tucson, Az. The bike hadn't been ridden in a while and the mileage was nearing 100k.

    The seller transported the bike to Iron Horse BMW in Tucson after I made the purchase. It was my intent to fly out from Ohio and rider the bike back.
    I spoke to the owner of Iron Horse and indicated that I wanted the bike to be safe and reliable; they had several months before I was planning on flying to Az.

    The wife and I flew to Tucson and picked up the bike. The bike ran very well and we mostly had a great trip. The one downside was our lack of understanding
    how very dry it is in Az. We were stopping for a hydration break about every 45 to 60 minutes. It should have been every 20 to 30 min!!.

    I still have that K75S and it still runs great with over 100k. I would do business again with Iron Horse it I were to be in the Tucson area.

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    Plus 1 on Iron Horse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1074 View Post
    Plus 1 on Iron Horse!
    They are excellent! Among the best in the west!
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