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Thread: How long does it take to get parts from BMW In Germany

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    How long does it take to get parts from BMW In Germany

    Well I ended up stripping out a shifter linkage on my bike (2020 RS) and the part is not available in the US. It was order med by the dealer from Germany where it was in stock two weeks ago. Is BMW slow with shipping parts or more itís the international shipping causing a problem. Just curious if anyone needed anything order led from bmw and shipped to the US.

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    It depends.... Iíve been waiting almost 6 months for a side stand to finish the refurb of my 86 R80G/SPD+

    It seems like virus BS is the reason, same reason it took forever to get an ÷hlins for my Honda, but I am just glad that I can get a part for such an old bike.

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    A few years ago we were told by the dealer in Seattle that Annie needed a new TPS on her R12GS. There was only one in the country and it was at a dealership in Texas and was slated for a customer. They said they could have one from Germany in four days. I was quite impressed that the Service manager was able to say that without giggling. We decided to take our chances and ride home to Montana. Good thing that we did.... the bike did not need a new TPS, it needed the software updated.
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    A few years ago I got a new transmission from BMW/Germany. It took six weeks shipped via 'ground' (by ship). A smaller part was shipped via air and took ~two weeks.

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    I ordered a replacement rear mudflap for my '06 RT two weeks ago from Bob's, whenever I ask I'm told it will be a few days to get it in... Hmm, you don't suppose they are stretching the truth a bit, do you?
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    Took three weeks to get the part . Putting it on this weekend .

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    Ordered a new handlebar switch unit with wiring harness at dealer in New Mexico on Saturday, had it following Thursday.

    It depends on your parts person.
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