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Thread: Cross country terminated prematurely

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    Cross country terminated prematurely

    Got hit by a dear yesterday morning in the mountains outside of Cedar City, Utah I never saw it even though I was on high alert and going cautiously. It jumped out and hit my RT, I think, where the right front fairing pieces meet. I didnít go down, nor was I hurt and i was able to strap it all together and ride down into Cedar. All of the plastic on the right side is broken. Headlight lens is half gone, right case damaged along with one of the three mounting points, and the tail light lens ripped off by the bag I suppose. Headlights still work as the reflector is in one piece. I have my clearwater leds and an AdMor light bar and lights on my top case. It is still ridable and today or tomorrow I am making my way to a dealer in either Salt Lake or Grand Junction to meet the insurance person. I am calling them this morning to see if they are capable of doing the work. As I tally in my head, virtually every plastic bit, from the front main fairing all the way around to the rear, along with whatever the bag mounting is, will need replacing. Big bucks and time in the shop 3000 miles from home. I guess it is not beyond the possibility that the insurance could total it. Im putting this on the forum to ask about the dealers. Any experience with them, or even the one in Sante Fe. These are all about equidistant from my brother where I will stay a short time before flying home. If repaired, I will fly back and ride home to Florida.

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    Glad you are physically OK although your wallet might not be! I can't help with dealers but hopefully someone else has some relevant experience.
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    Not good to read about a deer collision. Plastic & metal are replaceable...flesh, not so much.

    Looks like you're 170 miles from Las Vegas, NV and 240 from Sandy, UT.
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    Salt Lake City (and BMW) appears to give you more options. Especially with the air service concerns.

    Your going to be deep into your Insurance Contract. Loss of use, accessories, ect...
    Ensure you understand your options and ask the questions necessary for that process.

    Headlights (the OEM product) equal SAFETY. The requirement for that to be 100% is an insurance concern... and MAY stop you from further riding.

    I've had to bail on a big journey using trip interruption, rental car and re-unite services. (MOTORRAD New Bike Coverage) It's no fun.

    Glad your OK, go with the flow... take another trip another day.
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    That's pretty others have said, glad you are physically (and hopefully emotionally) ok.


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    Just curious
    What year and model is that bike?

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    So glad you came through the experience unscathed and I wish you all the best with your insurance settlement.

    Any chance the bike will be totaled, allowing you to just use the settlement, replace it with a new ride and continue the trip? I know that's a lot to happen, but hopefully the insurance company will be fair with you.

    Good luck!
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    It is a 2013 RT

    It has been a great trouble free bike for 65k miles. I hope it doesn't get totaled but it is possible I guess. I rode to Salt Lake today to stay with friends and will go to the dealer tomorrow. They were very accommodating on the phone and made me feel that they would help take care. Geico said it would be classified as not my fault covered by the $250 deductible. I guess that is if they donít total. Wondering about the clearwater lights and a couple other items i have. Should i remove them before the adjuster sees them. I also have the BMR dash shelf and BMR luggage platform. Id hate them go. Guess I will know more tomorrow. Thanks all.

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    Glad that you live to ride another day. Deer are just so unpredictable and scare me as well.
    In regards to the lights and other bits and bobs, I'd take them off the bike as it looks like the bike may get totaled as underlaying damage could still pop up after the fairings have been removed. The lights can be reused on another bike and it will save some $$
    Again glad you are ok!!
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