Hello, I'm a new member in this forum, although I'm riding on BMW for many years.
I have a problem with my 2007 1200GS: the engine shuts down randomly. This often happens when I accelerate and close the throttle to shift to higher gear. The problem also occurs when closing the throttle while riding down a hill. It usually occurs at the beginning of a ride, even if I rode before (so the engine is not cold), usually in the first mile or two. If you keep the rpm low - less than 3,000 rpm, even if you go into high gear, the fault appears less. I took it to my mechanics and they replaced the spark plugs, secondary coils and the Throttle Position Sensor, the primary coils, Stepper motors (were replaced one at a time with new one stepper motor (putting back the old one when replacing), and were re-adapted) and the injectors.
Lately I disconnected the clutch sensor unit (on the left handlebar bar lever), and it seems to be better (it happened less frequently, it didn't happen while changing gears, it still happened while slowing down using engine brake). I then put a new unit, hopping to solve the problem, but no, it's still happens. I think the problem relate to that sensor, I just didn't solve it yet. (In the next maintenance I'll ask my mechanic to look at the wires under the fuel tank, maybe he'll be able to find something wrong there...)
Did anybody in this group had a similar problem?