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Thread: Upgrading Krauser latches?

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    Upgrading Krauser latches?

    Hi it is possible to upgrade from the Krauser seatbelt latch to the Hepco Becker hinge-type latches? I have good bags but the seatbelt latch is toast, and I don't really trust them anyway.

    Thanks Chuck
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    I don't have an immediate answer but maybe some belt-n-suspenders until you get something that works:
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    thanks Kurt, I do that already. The actual latch is busted...I tried to fix it but just doesn't work.
    Regards, Chuck
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    1972 R75/5
    1969 2002
    1982 528e

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    Several years ago, I upgraded my saddle bags on the '78 /7 from the original Krauser-style BMW bags to the Hepco-Becker replicas from Bob's. I want to say that the seatbelt latches on the original bags attached with a single machine screw*. The claw-type latches on the H-B replicas are riveted to the bags. To convert to the H-B bags with the claw-type latches from the seat-belt latch style on the original bag mounting frames, all I had to do was unscrew the male latch insert from the frame. The H-B bags came with an adapter for the mounting frame that I think you will need for the H-B latch to work (it screws to the two flat tabs at the back of the frame where the male seatbelt tab attached).

    I took a look at the latches on my '84 RS' system bags (the rectangular style "touring cases"), and they are attached via rivets as well, in the same location as the H-B bags. However, the BMW latches are slightly different in that they do not need the adapter plate (they just grip the mount itself when the are latched- pretty clean).

    Bob's shows replacement BMW latches as available (case suspension catch**, part number 46 54 2315320, $26 each). I'd call Bob's and see what they think... based on my experience, I'd guess that the replacement latches would work, and I'd be wiling to bet they are the "claw-type" latches for the system bags like on my RS, not the older seatbelt style. It should be a relatively easy swap, although you may need to drill a couple of holes in the bags to accommodate the rivets. I can take photos if helpful.

    *I recall this only because one of my original bags passed me doing 65mph on the freeway south of Houston one day back in the 80's... that was surprising to say the least. I retrieved it and found the latch still attached to the bag mount, and that machine screw inside the saddle bag. Fortunately, the bag stayed closed! Surprisingly, it suffered only minor scuffing and lasted many more years before I upgraded.
    ** who names these things?
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    thanks for the note Jad. I agree, it seems like it should work - I will give Bob's a call and will report back.

    Regards, Chuck
    C R NY
    1972 R75/5
    1969 2002
    1982 528e

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