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Thread: Am I crazy or is the oilhead the best beemer ever (half serious)

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    Definitely cheaper...have you noticed air head prices lately?

    Maybe in twenty, or twenty five years, the original oilheads will take off. My heirs will be happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by eastbay View Post
    I agree, but the oilheads have more power and fuel injection, are generally cheaper, and are still relatively easy to work on.
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    My brother and I both have 97 1100rts. The one I have now is my third oilhead. I had a 2000 rt with a salvage tite. I put a clutch in it along with doing all the other maintenance it needed. I convinced myself to stop riding and and sold it after having children. Fortunately my wife thinks I'm an ******* when I don't have a motorcycle and a few months later I bought a 2002 1150rt also with a salvage title. I put about 10k miles on it before the input shaft splines stripped on it. I planned on fixing it, but a tow truck driver completely destroyed it. Like knocked it over, dragged it up the flatbed and chained it down hard enough to bend the rear frame section and destroy the Tupperware. So i found my current bike, a 97 rt with a clean title and 72k miles on it. It is a weird light green/blue and came with a cee Bailey windshield and Corbin seat. In the month I have owned it I have put 8k miles on it. As far as I'm concerned oilheads are all I care to own until I have enough money to have many motorcycles at the same time.
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    Great pic

    Quote Originally Posted by skibum69 View Post
    I bought my first BMW,(R75) in the SF east bay and went straight out to break it in up the Cal coast route 1 with my buddy who already had an R60. Coastal riding on winding highways is wonderful.

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    BMW does continuous improvement.

    The newest bikes are the best ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    BMW does continuous improvement.

    The newest bikes are the best ever.
    I have a 1998 R1100R but I'm pretty sure the 2021 R1250R wouldn't underwhelm me.....

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