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Thread: Aftermarket R1100R exhaust ???

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    Aftermarket R1100R exhaust ???

    I'm thinking of replacing the factory exhaust on my Roadster. Not for more noise or performance but because it's just plain ugly. I even want to stay with the high pipe. I've heard of the Two Bros, Remus and Staintune and I've even heard of a some people using a VFR stock pipe with a custom header. I'm leaning towards the Staintune because it doesn't require repacking. If you replaced the pipe on your R1100R or GS I would like to hear what you think.


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    Jim Bud
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    r1100r pipe replacement

    I first went with the Two Brothers, it increased performance and sounded good from the distance, but the sound resonated in my helmet so bad, it gave me a headache. So, I switched to a Staintune and it is perfect, nice sound, a little more scoot and it looks good. So, my advice, if you want to keep a pleasant riding tourer is to go with the Staintune.


    On my R1150GS, I have just replaced the cat. with a Y-pipe and use the stock silencer and it is very close to the Staintune on the R1100r, which I still have.

    so, if $$ is an issue I would recommend that you go with the VFR silencer on your bike with an adapter pipe, I know they work very nicely too.

    Good Luck
    Jim Bud...

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