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Thread: 1989 R100RT Mini Restoration Project

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    1989 R100RT Mini Restoration Project

    1989 R100RT Mini Restoration Project
    Well, I can't compete with Brook Reams, but I still would like to share some of the key moments of the rebuild project. This bike was purchased sight-unseen on eBay in June 2020. Needed lots of TLC and, as a newbie to the Airhead community, I learned a lot. Too many people to thank for posting helpful stuff, but I will mention Snowbum, William from Boxer 2 Valve, and Brook Reams.
    Let's get started!

    I'm using a Kendon Stand Up Lift, which is easy to store, but too narrow to allow the use of the center stand. Later I had to bolt on a steel plate to get around this hurdle. Although it isn't obvious, each panel in the fairing is actually a different shade of red.
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    1989 Mini Rebuild

    Radio hump.jpg
    A picture of the radio/cassette player. In the eighties this must have been the epitome of cool. Today it's just useless ballast. Removing it was not too hard, but the left upper fairing panel had a big hole drilled though it for the antenna support. Also, the left fairing pocket was irreversibly hacked. Fortunately I found suitable replacements on eBay.
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    Resto continued

    Rail and Center Stand.jpg
    The arrow shows the steel plate bolted to the lift rail. There is a clamping plate on the bottom of the rail where the four bolts are threaded. There are cutouts in the rail, so no modifications are necessary. Using the center stand allows rear wheel removal without having to improvise an alternate support for the bike.
    Left cylinder after a week.jpg
    My first challenge was the removal of the exhaust. It took a week to get both exhaust nuts out. Someone on this forum suggested the use of a mix of ATF and acetone to loosen the corrosion causing the nuts to be stuck. Thanks! Unfortunately, by the time both nuts were loosened, they were messed up pretty badly. I ended up replacing them.

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