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Thread: Canít install front wheel #@$%& !

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    Canít install front wheel #@$%& !

    I refurbed the front wheel, regreased the bearings, new seals, new disk and new tire and tube. The axle goes through the wheel no problem. I went to install the front wheel and the axle wonít go through. I looked at the lower fork tubes and one is lower than the other. You can see that the fender is twisted as well. What the heck is going on here? I guess more importantly how do I get the forks to match? Thanks!


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    Are you inserting the axle from the correct side? I know, a dumb question... Also, I would loosen the fork brace and fender so they have no effect on the alignment of the forks and axle. Then try inserting the axle minus the wheel, to see if there is a problem. If the axle goes through the fork legs easily, you can install the wheel and then tighten the fender and brace. It may be the fender brace holding it out of alignment.
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    This happened to me years ago. I don't clearly remember how I fixed it but -- 1) double check that the fork legs are correctly positioned in the triple clamps vertically; 2) try loosening the clamps on one leg and rotating it in the clamp to see if it will line up -- you may have to try this on both sides; 3) lastly you may have to disassemble the forks and check for damage. There is a neoprene spacer at the bottom of the damping assembly. While I can't imagine how having one side crumble would have that effect on the fork, it's all I can think of.

    I might also check the spacers at the top of the fork springs. Having different lengths shouldn't cause your problem but.
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    Until you install the fender brace, you can move the fork lowers up and down separately.

    Loosen or remove the fender brace and then get your axle through. Then install fender brace and it will be ok for subsequent work.

    If you can't do this, you have something seriously wrong with your fork rebuild and likely don't have matching internal components in each side. Least likely of all is mismounting the fixed tubes in the triple clamps, as the big nuts at top equalize them.
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