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Thread: Mounting a Garmin on a R 1100 RS

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    Smile Mounting a Garmin on a R 1100 RS

    Hi all. New owner of a elegant 1994 R 1100 RS. The bike is in pretty good shape and now I'm beginning to consider doing some light touring on her. Nome of my previous bikes have had square handlebars so I'm wondering what solutions are available for mounting my trusty 660 Garmin to get me out of trouble when I get myself completely and hopelessly lost (which happens a lot at my age). Doesn't appear to be many places for attachment without customizing something or putting Garmin in a hard sided tank bag. Thanks for any Assistance!

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    Mounting Garmin

    I have a '95 R1100RS, so not sure this will work on your '94, but I offer it for consideration.

    My Garmin sits in a RAM mount that is attached to the base of the left mirror stem. The pic is turned sideway, sorry, but hope you can get the idea.


    The mirror stem is the black object going up and right in the picture, and you can see the RAM mount on the left side of the picture, and the spring-loaded device that holds the Garmin. My Garmin doesn't have the "sunshade", which would require a different type of mount, but I suspect RAM has whatever you need.

    Good luck!
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    Voni's RS has two RAM ball mounts. There is (used to be) a black plastic cover just forward of the handlebars. Beneath that cover are two mounting bolts. I used a RAM ball mount (B252U) at each of these two bolt locations.

    The cover can be trimmed or omitted.

    With the appropriate RAM attachment for your GPS and a medium RAM arm you will be fine.
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    Excellent. I casually looked at that cover and thought of the possibilities and now will go back and investigate it more fully. Thanks a bunch for the direction .

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