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Thread: Glenlivet's meandering route to the rally

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    Glenlivet's meandering route to the rally

    This is the finalized (paws crossed) route Glenlivet and I will take in the sidecar next month to the BMW Rally in Great Falls MT. I've decided to trailer the rig to Colorado just in case we find ourselves traversing in the middle of the cicada hatch. I'm not sure how the dog would handle pee breaks with 1.4 million bugs per acre flitting about! It will also give us the ability to isolate should we come across parts of the country that haven't been careful during the pandemic. Purple is rally-bound, and blue is the route back to the truck. Altogether it will be just a few miles over 5,000 in the sidecar, and just shy of 5,000 miles in the truck.

    Of course those who know me are aware I have yet to follow even the most carefully laid-out route once I get going. I seem to be afflicted by the I wonder where that road goes? syndrome.

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    Looks like eastern PA, western Ohio, and all of Indiana will be most impacted by this year's Brood X.

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