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Thread: Recommend inner liner bags?

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    Quote Originally Posted by saddleman View Post
    Are these liners wide enough to fill the outer half of the case ?.
    Mine are expandable. When expanded they fit the entire case. Here is the link to where I bought mine.

    Got them fast and they are very reasonable. I read a while back that they are the same as the Bestem bags. But looking at it now mine may be a little different. Not sure if the Bestem's expand and top straps are different.
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    Cool Kathy’s Inner Bags

    Kathy bags I bought the two side packs for my R 1250 RS she didn’t have the 40 L top bag so we agreed upon 38 L and it fits and I have extra room in the top bag for things that I need to get up right away without going in the bag.

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    Have Kathy’s bags for my side cases and a BMW topcase liner as I like the stiffness of that bag rather than the Kathy’s liner. Also had RKA topcase bag for my KGA, very similar to Kathy’s bags. You will get nice bags regardless of which of the three you get.

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    I have Kathy's Bags for my side cases on my 2018 1200RT and love them. They are used all the time and are holding up excellently. I like supporting smaller business and the cost was about the same as others.
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    "stock" BMW bags- built like luggage, Hold their shape- easy to find stuff. 2 compartments and a pocket.

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