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Thread: IKON Warranty, Great Experience

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    IKON Warranty, Pleasant Experience

    I installed a new IKON mono shock last December on my 95RT. After a few thousand miles it began to leak. I contacted Bob's BMW, where I bought it, and they advised me to contact the IKON USA representative. I called the USA Rep, and he was very helpful. He asked for a purchase receipt, and pics of the leak. I complied, then he communicated with the IKON owner in Australia, and was authorized to immediately send me a replacement shock from USA stock. However, the guy in Australia opined the failure may have been due to being over sprung. Most USA outlets sell IKONs with a one size fits all spring, for the average American rider. I ride solo, only weigh 160 pounds, and have always felt the shock was a bit firm. The USA Rep said, if I was willing to wait 2-3 weeks, Australia would send a shock tuned specifically for me, and I gladly agreed.

    The shock arrived yesterday, and I installed it today. It eats up small bumps much better than the other shock ever did, yet firms up quickly on larger bumps and dips. In a nut shell, it makes the RT even more pleasurable to ride. I consider this a win-win, and cannot say enough positive about the experience with IKON, in USA and in Australia. Hopefully this shock will last many miles and years. But if it does not, I know who to call. When / if this shock ever wears out, as they all do sooner or later, I will most likely replace it with another IKON.
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    Your picture makes you look bigger than 160 lbs.

    Seriously, glad you had a good experience with IKON. So often we hear about poor customer service. Not only is it refreshing to hear a positive story like this, it can also play into the decision making process when selecting parts in the future. Appreciate the post.
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