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Thread: Seat Issues 2000R1100RS

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    Seat Issues 2000R1100RS

    So I don't know if it's just my big butt, but the seat on my 1100RS gets quite uncomfortable after about an hour and a half of riding. Besides a new Corbin seat (or something comparable), has anyone had any luck with seat covers lending to increased comfort? I'm hoping to be able to ride five or six hours without the numbness...

    Thanks in advance!

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    On my new to me 2000 R1100S the seat was always sending my long legged frame into the gas tank. The Sargent seat and the Corbin seat promised flatter trajectory and wider purchase for your butt too. Bought the Sargent and it is more comfortable. 500 bucks more is a personal decision. It does not push my junk into the tank so at my age I appreciate it.

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    I used this guy years ago not as good as a Corbin or Sargent but it was a better than stock. He will raise the front part of the seat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roninbuffalo View Post
    I used this guy years ago not as good as a Corbin or Sargent but it was a better than stock. He will raise the front part of the seat.
    I apologize looks like he doesnít cover seats anymore.
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    Seat issue

    I've been very pleased with my AirHawk seat cushion.

    Good luck
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    Not sure of your long term plans for the RS, but like suspension and some other things, if youíre going to keep it, it may be worth it to spring for a good aftermarket seat. Iíve had my Ď00 RS seventeen years and after 110k have no plans to part with it, so still willing to spend a few bucks to make it mine.

    We had seats done by Rick Mayer, in his good days. A huge difference from factory, comfort and quality. A 1,000 mile day isnít a problem. Iím not sure a cover will get you where you want to go but certainly a cheaper solution. I use sheep skins and beaded seats on other bikes but if the structure isnít right to start with, Iím not sure a cover will fix it. Maybe the Airhawk? Good luck, and good riding.
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