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Thread: Still on the ride off stand wagon

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    Still on the ride off stand wagon

    Has anyone tried to cut out a section of a normal airhead center stand, weld it, and to shorten so it is easier to get on the center? This goes along with the other link about the Reynolds ride off stand. Impossible to find one..

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    From a recent thread in the Wethead section-

    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    What I did to shorten the side and center stands-
    Remove stand from bike.
    Scribe a line down the center of the tube(s) to assist with later re-alignment.
    Pick a convenient spot to take a section out using a pipe cutter.
    Once the section is removed you will find the pipe cutter has “collapsed” the interior diameter a bit.
    Find a piece of rod or solid section of bolt and use it to rejoin the sections. There will be adjustability due to the pipe cutters action.
    Reference the scribed line for alignment.
    Weld the area where the two pieces of the stand(s) touch being careful to have the rod or bolt centered on the “new” joint.
    The first weld pass will easily pass through where the pipe cutter did its work fusing all three pieces together.
    Finish to suit- paint etc.
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    I have a 93 R100GS/PD that I've had since 94. Back when I got the bike I could heft it onto the center stand. But more recently I was having trouble. My back and shoulder would ache for a few weeks after parking the bike on the center stand.

    I called the guys at Re-Psycle BMW in Lithopolis, Ohio and asked about a used center stand for the airhead GS. I explained the problem and wanted to experiment with making an easier-to-deploy center stand (like the ride-off center stands).

    They found something for me. In the early 90s BMW was promoting the new oilhead RS by sponsoring a "Battle of the Legends" with well known racers from the 60s and 70s riding BMWs in a demonstration "race". In the first year or two they were riding airheads (I think these were R100R bikes).

    To get more ground clearance (and avoid the heads touching the track in turns) airhead GS shocks were installed on the R100R bikes, but this resulted in the center stands being too short. So BMW had a 0.5 to 0.75 inch bead welded along the bottom of the center stand so the bikes could be parked.

    Somehow Re-Psycle BMW wound up with one of these center stands. I now have it on my airhead GS. With this center stand deployed both wheels are barely on the ground, but more importantly it is very easy to get the bike on the center stand.

    If this modified center stand not been available then I would have obtained a used unit and found a welder that could make it suitably shorter.

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    If I get a chance, I will see if I can get some kind of measurements and pictures of my ride off stand as it is installed on the bike. Then, maybe a shop could put one together for you or, if you find a ride off stand for another model BMW they may be able to modify it to fit your RT.

    As mentioned, a stock stand can be modified. A clever welder or fabricator probably could work with you to make something easier to use. My problem is, if I need a fabricator, I don't know any locally.

    Iti is a shame Reynolds went out of business, they had some first rate luggage racks and accessories for the airhead BMW bikes. St.

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    After I installed a set of lower shocks on my R1100RS I had to shorten both the side and center stands. I purchased a set of replacements from E-bay, the side stand was easy I just cut the foot off the bottom took out about a inch and welded it back on. On the center stand, since the lifting arm was near the bottom, I had to remove the lifting arm, then cut the feet off, took out an inch, installed the feet back and then repositioned the lifting arm back on the side. I did have to fabricate a new bump stop for the center stand when it was in the up position as the lifting arm moves forward from the axis when the stand is shortened.
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    Thanks to all. This is what I was looking for.

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