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Thread: 1995 r1100r throttle body sync

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    1995 r1100r throttle body sync

    Hi All Looking for a few ideas as to problem I'm having with my brothers bike
    hook up the manometer and start bike both TB's are equal as soon as you increase the throttle the left TB goes way out
    I removed the hose from the port and it feels as though the air is coming out of the port instead of being drawn in
    any ideas and help offered would be appreciated
    Roderick Wood
    Hamilton Ontario
    '98 R1100RT,81 Honda CB750K

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    I noticed there are a couple of past threads on Oilhead throttle body sync in the Similar Threads box at the bottom of the screen. Might be worth giving them a read...
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    Start by being sure the valves are properly adjusted.

    Then note that balance at idle is accomplished with the big brass air bleed screws and that balance off idle depends on the correct adjustment of the throttle cables.

    The bike is a '95. Somewhere about then BMW switched from a single cable that wrapped around the pulley on the left side and then crossed over the engine top to the throttle body on the right side, to two separate cables from a splitter box. The correct adjustment of free play is different for the two cable types.

    If you have a single cable that crosses over then you need 1 to 2 mm of free play at the left throttle body and as close to zero free play as you can set it at the right throttle body. Otherwise the left TB starts to open before the right TB does.

    If that bike has the splitter under the fuel tank and separate lines to the TBs then you need equal free play at the two TBs.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks PGlaves as usual your advice was right on, the bike is smooth as silk now
    Roderick Wood
    Hamilton Ontario
    '98 R1100RT,81 Honda CB750K

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