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Thread: TPMS sensor conundrum - '08 RT

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    TPMS sensor conundrum - '08 RT

    So - I'm trying to figure out if I can use any of the "third party knockoff" TPMS sensors as the original (I think) ones have finally gone kaput. And, I know about needing the "wake-up gadget", this is about which sensor part number I need to match up on the popular auction or similar website.

    From one of the on-line parts catalogs:

    1. The front wheel sensor for my bike seems to be either a 36319832032 OR a 36318532732. I've gotten the idea that the '032 part has been superseded by the '732. Is this the case?

    2. Do I need to purchase the 36318359961 screw, or can the one in the wheel be re-used?

    3. The rear wheel sensor needs to be the one with the integral (?) valve assembly - seems to be 36318532731. Correct?

    4. Do I need to also purchase the 36318520871 repair kit? The pics I'm seeing look like those parts are included with the sensor/valve.

    Any and all "associated wisdom" will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Maybe try the cheapo route first...

    I have seen guys on YouTube pry out the old battery and install a new one. I think it's a CR2032 that costs about $2 a piece. I could be wrong about the battery number. Doing that would allow you to skip the relearning BS. That's the only part that seems to wear out on these things. Not much downside if they are shot anyway.
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