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Thread: Oil drip, 88 R100GS

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    Oil drip, 88 R100GS

    I just bought a 1988 R100 GS with 60,000 miles. I'm getting a little drip of oil on the floor right below the head/cylinder joint on the right side. Is this likely pushrod seals or bad head gasket?

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    Either a head gasket or valve cover gasket. If it was a pushrod tube seal, it would be near the cylinder base on the engine block.
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    Hopefully Not Stripped Cylinder Stud

    Agree, likely head gasket, rocker cover gasket, or possibly just in need of cylinder head re-torque. I'd first try re-torquing, but use an accurate torque wrench, and be very careful not to strip the threads; the mono shock Airhead studs tend to strip in the aluminum block. For that reason, torque specs have been lowered, and re-torque occasions have been changed. Check your Owners Manual for specifics. Also, lotsa good info on the internet on the problem, as this is not new info, and several BMW gurus have written about it.

    I was lucky with the 95 RT, which seeped from both head gaskets soon after I bought it. I first simply re-torqued, but one side leaked again. So, for that side, I backed each bolt off 1/4 turn, then re-torqued. That was about 5000 miles ago and, so far, both remain dry (knock wood).

    Too lazy to go dig up my Owners Manual, but pretty sure max torque is now 24 ft lbs, whereas it used to be a bit higher. Also, no longer recommended to re-torque periodically, only when disassembling or to address seepage.
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    Center stud

    I have seen the center valve cover stud get over tightened and stripped out causing just such a leak. St.

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