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Thread: Need electrical help

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    Need electrical help

    I have a 2020 R1250GSA, and today I was trying to install a Neutrino power distribution block when I apparently shorted two small wires that live under the passenger seat. Now I cannot get the ignition to turn on. I first thought I blew a fuse, but looking at forums it sms this bike has no fuses, just auto-resetting virtual fuses.

    I push the start button, but the screen is blank and the bike silent. Anyone know what I need to check, look for, or do to get the bike’s electrical outage fixed?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just a WAG since I don't know these bikes, but maybe disconnect the battery for a while to force a total computer reset?

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    Thanks. Did that, no love.

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    There are 2 fuse plus a large 50 fuse, look in the index of your owners manual.

    Good luck

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