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Thread: 1983 R65 front wheel seal How to remove it with that bushing in the way

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    1983 R65 front wheel seal How to remove it with that bushing in the way

    I would like to have a look at the front wheel bearings in my 1983 R65. The seal has a flanged bushing in it that prevents the bushing from coming out.
    That means I can't get a seal puller in there. What am I missing, is there a trick to this?


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    Could you show a picture from the side, to see how this "cover" sits on the axle?
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    Grab the "bushing" with pliers and pull it out. Make sure you have a new wheel seal or two.

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    Hat Shaped Bushing

    As I recall, the bushing/spacer is shaped like a hat, with the brim inside. You can just pop it out with a screwdriver, or pull it out with pliers, as suggested above. If you use a screwdriver, you cock the spacer it sideways in removal, so less likely to destroy the seal Sometimes you can re-use the seal, in a pinch, but it's best to replace with a new one, especially since yours has been painted silver. When you put it back together, pre-install the spacer, then tap the seal in with a socket that fits the outer edge of the seal. The rubber coated type, as you currently have, is almost possible to push it in with the thumbs.
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    Thanks all, that did it. Yank the bushing out with a pair of pliers. The bearings are smooth and quiet but I don't know the maintenance history of the bike. So I am re greasing the bearings and installing new seals.


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