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The Life of Marley.

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Meet Marley, A well maintained 2002 R1150R. A little about her. She started out her life on the east coast in Connecticut. At some she lived in New York City. She started out yellow, but somewhere along the way she went all black on us. I liker her this way. She made her way to Texas in 2014 living in the Austin area. I'm the third and a half owner. I say 3rd 1/2 because the imminent previous owner only had her for a few weeks and didn't title her. She has a Two Brother exhaust and a Techlusion beta gen 3 fuel controller. BMW bags and after marked trunk. Running lights and LED Head light. I'm going to periodically update the blog with how she's doing and what all I've done to her.

I picked her up last on a Wednesday. Drove to Austin, checked her out and made the deal. She's spent some time outside as her switch gear is very faded. I may change that out if I can find some affordable sets. I get her down to the humid hell of the Texas Gulf coast and She didn't like the first morning. Running a tad rich and would stay running. So I adjusted her Beta Gen and allowed her to warm up sufficiently. Not sure if the slight adjustment or the warmup procedure fixed her but she is behaving well now. The previous half owner said she liked some warm up time.

On today's ride in she had a blast. Drop kicking slow moving vehicles on the way to work. Like a happy dog running at the beach she ripped down the coastal road with abandon. I swear I saw her smiling as we passed truck after truck this morning. I think she'll be a fine companion on my morning commute.
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  1. HSVPhil's Avatar
    I Guess I'd say U both look like "Boys from the Hood!" From CT to TX; I think that's a good place for both of youze. We enjoyed our visit to the Hill country & the Bent Rim Cafe. Ride 'em like your stoled him! CIAO, HSV-Phil