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New Member Shouts Out-Thank You!

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While attending the latest Rally in SLC, I was on my way back to Denver via SH-40 in Vernal. Li'l voice in my head said check your tires after a gas up and voila! Blew a final drive seal and bearing and was blowing gear oil from my '03 R1150RT. 90+ degrees, 350 miles from home and a few MOA Rally members returning came to my aid. I just became a member last week and they pulled the Anonymous Book. Only guy listed I called. Randy W. You Rock! He shows up with a trailer and took me the 135 miles from Vernal, UT to Grand Junction, CO. The only payment he asked was a Smile and a Thank You. MOA Members returning from the Rally helped us load it and get me situated. They were thanking Randy for answering the call! My Tribe for sure!
I'm just awaiting the dealership to open on Tuesday but I'm a mile from it and safe in a hotel till then.
Randy W.- I hope to pay this forward with gratitude and the great conversation we had that 3 hour trip today.
Thank you MOA Members for your brotherhood and spirit. Inspiring.
Be safe on your way home!
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